Video Clips

  43. Paying The Price For Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson & the Peace Movement (AW43)

  42. What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy (AW42)

  41. Bradley Manning, accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower (AW41)

  40. The Hell of War Comes Home (AW40)

  39. On Afghan War 11th Anniversary (AW39)

  38. U.S. Withdrawl From Iraq (AW38)

  37. What Makes the Green Grass Grow? (AW37)

  36. Least Among Saints (AW36)

  35. Collateral Murder? Decide for yourself (WikiLeaks) (AW35)

  34. Soldier Girls: Army basic training (AW34)

  33. Question a six yr old Iraqi girl would like to ask the American soldier (AW33)

  32. Veterans For Peace: "Stop The Wars" (AW32.html)

  31. Winter Soldier Testimony #3 “Broken Soldier” (AW31)

  30. Winter Soldier Testimony #2 “Rules of Engagement” (AW30)

  29. “The War You Don't See” a film by John Pilger (AW29)

  28. Dr. Martin Luther KIng, Jr.'s "Beyond Vietnam" (AW28)

  27. Leaked Video - Apache Helicopter Attack (AW27)

  26. Before You Enlist! (AW26)

  25. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (AW25)

  24. Stop Redeployment of Traumatized Troops (AW24)

  23. The Most Dangerous Man in America: (AW23)

  22. Democracy Now! 12/21/2011 broadcast (AW22)

  21. Torturing Democracy (AW21)

  20. The Wounded Platoon (AW20)

  19. Yo Soy El Army (AW19)

  18. The Panama Deception (AW18)

  17. Breaking Ranks (AW17)

  16. On the Dark Side in Al Doura - A Soldier in the Shadows (AW16)

  15. Iraq Veteran: How I Became a Conscientious Objector (AW15)

  14. Addicted To War (AW14)

  13. Sir! No Sir! (AW13)

  12. Rethink Afghanistan (AW12)

  11. Why We Fight (AW11)

  10. Army Whistle-Blower Lt. Col. Daniel Davis (AW10)

  9. Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (AW9)

  8. Independent Media in Time of War (AW8)

  7. Body of War (AW7)

  6. Vietnam: American Holocaust (AW6)

  5. A Line in the Sand (AW5)

  4. Arlington West Film (AW4)

  3a. Why Am I Carrying an M16 in the Garden of Eden? (AW3al)

  3. Soldiers of Conscience (AW3)

  2. War Made Easy (AW2)

  1. Salee's Story (AW1)



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